PhD theses on order

June 20, 2019

Writing doctoral theses is part of the procedure leading to two scientific degrees:

doctoral and postdoctoral. It is recognized that the doctoral dissertation should be a testimony to mastering the research methods and striving to deepen the existing specialist knowledge. The habilitation dissertation, on the other hand, should constitute a contribution to the specific development of a certain field of science, which is also connected with the requirement to publish it in whole or in a key part.

Doctoral dissertations are works of special value, which is why they should be at a higher level than bachelor’s theses and master’s thesis. They are distinguished not only by a much larger volume (doctoral theses usually from 200 to 300 pages) and the use of a very extensive bibliographic list, but above all the scientific significance of the chosen topic and the role that will play the work in deepening the knowledge of a given scientific field. A special requirement here is the innovation of the doctoral dissertation. Undoubtedly, the preparation for writing a doctoral thesis is associated with the norm of much more advanced source research, in-depth knowledge of the selected specialization and scientific professional practice. On the other hand, writing doctoral theses is based on similar stages, such as writing master’s theses and writing bachelor’s theses, and thus assumes 1) to develop an outline; 2) collecting source materials; 3) writing subsequent theoretical parts of the text; 4) conducting scientific research; 5) analyzing the collected research results; 6) submission of a scientific text, in accordance with the formal guidelines in force.

It happens that people who want to obtain a doctoral degree are fully focused on professional practice, without the time to properly prepare for writing a doctoral dissertation. In many cases, the writing itself does not fully correspond to the skills possessed by doctoral students, which relate, for example, to practical activities. On the other hand, one must try to say that people aspiring to obtain a doctoral degree undoubtedly have the necessary knowledge related to a given field of science, are specialists in specific subjects and link their further life with a job correlated with the topic of the doctoral dissertation they have chosen. Therefore, our cooperation with such people is particularly close to us, interesting and satisfying, because it is based on mutual contribution, mutual help and development of both parties. Doctoral students provide us with many interesting materials, while reading the publications recommended by us, share the results of their research, talk about their professional practice, thanks to which we get to know the backstage of their professional work and share their own thoughts.

Our help in the preparation for writing doctoral theses is related to the following services:

Proposing an innovative subject of work – doctoral students who apply to us specialize in a given scientific field, which means that they usually know to what phenomenon the text of their doctoral dissertations should refer. Sometimes, however, they lack the idea of ​​how to approach a given issue, extract its innovative elements or specify problems in a modern way, developing the current scientific discourse. It also happens that doctoral students simply do not know how to put the subject in a neat and most adequate way to the problem discussed. Therefore, we are eager to suggest or toss ideas. Our help in this area is free, allowing us to demonstrate to you and gain your confidence in our competence;

Preparing a bibliographic list – finding scientific publications that form the basis for writing a doctoral thesis is a key element of the preparatory process. Thanks to many years of researching practice, in-depth knowledge, where to look for appropriate materials, as well as daily running between library shelves, we can quickly and efficiently prepare for you a list of the most important, interesting and original bibliographic items. On this basis, you can write your doctoral dissertation yourself or simply read the publications that will help us to draw up the text that serves as the basis for your work. The service of preparing the bibliographic list is free, entering the scope of cooperation consisting in commissioning us to write a scientific study. It can be treated as a one-off paid service at the same time;

Creating a work outline – the dissertation outline is a much more extensive material than the outline of the master’s thesis. Usually, it counts from 20 to 40 pages, consisting of a work plan defining the structure of the study, a detailed description of the content of individual chapters and subchapters, a thorough discussion of the research method together with defining the purpose of the work and research problems and hypotheses. It is also important to indicate the personal attitude to the chosen problem, in determining the intentions that were followed during the formulation of the subject of the doctoral dissertation. An important part of the outline is also a list of the proposed bibliography, which should be strongly developed and refer to many heterogeneous sources. Due to the fact that it is a complex part, requiring a large amount of work by the editor, it is a paid service, counted according to the number of pages ordered. As in the case of the master’s thesis, the text contained in the outline of the doctoral dissertation can be later used as part of the introduction to the study, as well as a fragment of the methodological part. Thus, the paid service can be applied twice;

Preparation of individual parts of the text, which are the most challenging for you – we can prepare patricular chapters of the study at your request, which for some reason you can not cope with or prepare for which you can not find time. For example, you can ask us to prepare only theoretical parts, which are the starting point for your research, or to write a research part corresponding to the theoretical text provided to us;

Preparation of the methodological part of the work – in our offer there is a possibility to order a fragment of the work that is methodological. In this respect, we define the goal and subject of the research, formulate problems and research hypotheses, present the area of ​​research activities and indicate the research group that participated in the research procedure;

Conducting research – we offer a service consisting in carrying out research, using a chosen research method, used to collect data on the basis of which you can verify your research hypotheses;

Realization of research and analysis of the results – at your request, we can carry out scientific research as well as analyze the data collected in this respect. As a result, we will answer the formulated research questions and verify the hypotheses put forward;

Writing a comprehensive scientific study, which is the base text for a doctoral thesis – the basic service offered by our website is writing scientific studies, constituting a set of quotes and paraphrases, ranked by chapters and sub-sections, with footnotes and closed lists of used literature, charts, tables and figures. The prepared scientific study is of an expert nature, meeting the requirements set before scientific work.

How much does it cost to help with writing a dissertation?

The price of writing a doctoral dissertation depends on several variables, including the chosen subject, bibliographic accessibility, the nature of the text and the number of pages ordered. In most situations, we offer customers a standard rate for one page of the study, but sometimes it is determined individually, in accordance with the formal requirements presented. Prices of doctoral dissertations are presented in the table.

Why is Inter Writing worth choosing?

Writing doctoral dissertations can be considered a very time-consuming form of a scientific dissertation that requires a lot of focus and a huge energy contribution. If you lack the time to implement any of the stages of preparing your doctoral thesis, we are eager to help you. Our motivation, experience, cognitive curiosity and the will to develop can certainly be a contribution that you just need.