Other services

June 22, 2019

Other services – in addition to our basic set of services, we offer additional services – we enter data bases (eg Excel sheets), rewrite texts, including audio and visual recordings. Our offer of additional services is gradually expanded with new aspects, for this reason we invite you to visit this department frequently in search of interesting new products. We direct our services to individuals, companies and institutions.

Our offer:

  • Entering data into databases;
  • Excel spreadsheets (e.g., to stores)
  • Transcription of texts (general and specialized)
  • articles;
  • Computer documents (e.g. in .jpg format);
  • Paper documents;
  • Thesis;
  • Bachelor;
  • engineering;
  • Master thesis;
  • PhD;
  • Habilitation.
  • Books;
  • Letters;
  • Manuscripts;
  • typescripts;
  • report;
  • applications;
  • Studies;
  • Archival texts;
  • The CVs.
  • Rewriting recordings (general and specialist)
  • Sound recordings (audio):
  • Market research;
  • conferences;
  • Transcription of court sessions;
  • Meetings of councils (eg municipal councils, city councils, supervisory boards);
  • presentations;
  • papers;
  • talks;
  • Meetings;
  • training
  • individual;
  • Employee.
  • lectures;
  • interviews;
  • Ethnography;
  • Group interviews (BGI);
  • Individual in-depth interviews (IDI);
  • Focus Group Interviews (FGI).
  • Visual recordings (video).

Thanks to our experience, we know what to pay special attention to during the implementation of individual tasks.

We make every effort to ensure that our orders are carried out quickly and professionally. It is also worth emphasizing that we adapt our services to the individual needs of each client. We ensure the security of transmitted materials and confidentiality of data.