Master’s theses on order

June 18, 2019

The final stage of the process of gaining higher education is to prepare a master’s thesis. This activity is connected with the necessity of passing the final exam, referred to as “job defense”. The condition of joining the defense and obtaining a document confirming the award of a scientific title is the earlier writing of a scientific text on a given topic.

It is recognized that the master’s thesis should be at a higher level than the bachelor’s thesis. Of course, this is not about the superiority of the substantive level, because the scientific value of the BA theses should not differ from generally accepted methodological standards. The master’s thesis is primarily connected with the requirements of writing a larger-size work (it is assumed that the master’s thesis should have from 60 to 100 pages), the use of a broader bibliography and the critical use of the content of the publication. Master’s thesis can have both a theoretical and research character.

It is often difficult to write a master’s thesis for a student.

This is due to the fact that at the same time he must pass a number of secondary exams, pass specific subjects, attend seminars and acquire materials necessary to write a dissertation. Some young people are already working professionally, unable to afford to devote themselves only to science. Therefore, it is necessary to make earlier arrangements in order not to write a master’s thesis at the last moment. Haste is never a good advisor, and its effects may not be satisfactory for your tutors.

Our offer related to writing master’s theses is connected with several auxiliary services:

Preparation of the topic of the thesis – if you do not have an idea about your master’s thesis, we can present you with a few proposals formulated for your needs. It is a completely free service, within which we want to show creativity;

Preparation of the work plan – as part of the cooperation, we prepare for you a work plan, in which we include the titles of the chapters and sub-chapters that make up the layout of the planned study;

Creating a bibliographic list – searching for scientific publications related to a specific topic is an important part of our duties. Experience in research, knowledge of the content of online databases, as well as seamless browsing among the library thematic sectors allow us to develop for you a list of the most important items that should be used by you when writing MA theses. On the basis of this list, we can also independently develop texts for you in which we will gather key information and prominent concepts related to the selected issues. The service consisting in creating a list of bibliographic items is free of charge if we cooperate with us;

Creating a work outline – a work outline consists of a work plan, defining the structure of a study, describing the content of individual chapters and subchapters, indicating the research method, determining the purpose of the work, as well as problems and research hypotheses, and a list of the proposed bibliography. This is a paid service, amounting to PLN 150. However, the text contained in the outline can be used as part of the introduction to the study or fragments of the methodological part. Thus, the paid service can be applied twice;

Preparing individual parts of the dissertation, which you can not cope with – in the scope of our services there is not only preparation of the whole work constituting the basis for the master’s thesis, but also help in writing certain theoretical fragments of the work that pose particular difficulty or which you can not independently develop due to lack of time or other adversities;

Writing a part of the study which is methodological – at your request we can describe the research methods and tools to be used to carry out the research procedure, taking into account the purpose and subject of research, problems and research hypotheses as well as the presentation of the research area, the course of activities and the research group, who took part in the activities carried out by the researcher;

Conducting research – at your request, we can carry out research using the chosen research method;

Conducting research and analysis of their results – we can not only carry out research that will allow you to obtain data necessary to diagnose the nature of a specific phenomenon, but also to develop a description of the results achieved and analyze them, necessary to verify your research hypotheses;

Writing a comprehensive scientific study of the master’s thesis – the main service offered by us is writing scientific studies that are a collection of quotes and paraphrases, grouped into chapters and subsections, with footnotes and cited literature. The scientific study is an expert opinion, based on theoretical and methodological aspects, which must be met by well-written scientific work and a practical aspect that involves applying the principles of theory in practice.

In carrying out the above services, we take into account that the scientific work, having the character of a master’s thesis, should have the following characteristics:

  • demonstrate the ability to logically and thoughtfully choose the topics that fit into the chosen subject;
  • reflect the ability to critically present the state of research on a specific topic and confront it with available source materials;
  • provide proof of having the competence to know the application of the principles of scientific literature;
  • indicate proficiency in presenting personal thoughts and in drawing conclusions from the analysis of source texts.

How much does it cost to help with writing a master’s thesis?

The price of writing a master’s thesis is conditioned by several factors. First of all, it depends on the chosen subject, bibliographic accessibility, the nature of the text and the number of pages ordered. In most cases, we’re guided by standard rates. In special situations, we offer the client individually set rates for one page of the study. The proposed prices of master’s theses are presented in the table.

Why should I choose Inter Writing to help me write my master’s thesis?

Writing master’s thesis is a task whose implementation will allow you to obtain a university diploma. Nowadays, having higher education is the norm, the achievement of which allows you to find a well-paid and satisfying job. If you have any problem with inventing an interesting topic of work, constructing a coherent plan of work, gathering materials necessary to write your academic dissertation or creating a competent text, just report to us! Our specialists will help you at every stage of creating a master’s thesis. Having many years of experience in writing designs for master’s theses, the editors of the Inter-Wranie website are able to prepare a competent and insightful scientific text in a very short time, which will become the basis for your master’s thesis. Bearing in mind that in today’s dynamically developing reality, it is not always possible to reconcile all duties, we are ready to serve you with your help. Cooperation with us will make writing a master’s thesis no longer a problem for you and will become a pleasure opening the door of your future career.