Bachelor’s thesis

June 19, 2019

Writing a BA thesis is a condition for completing first-cycle studies.

A graduate of this type of studies approaches the defense of the diploma thesis, gaining a higher vocational education. Bachelor’s theses are shorter forms of scientific dissertations, in comparison with the dimensions of master’s theses, corresponding to a volume of 20 to 50 pages of the study. On the other hand, writing them up can be a big problem for students who for the first time face the requirement of meeting a writing workshop. The difficulty of writing a BA thesis lies in the fact that in a relatively small form both theoretical considerations and the research part should be included. This makes it very scrupulous to choose the material to be discussed, taking into account that it must be closely related to research issues. In the theoretical part of the BA thesis, reference should be made to the most important publications on the chosen subject, in order to demonstrate the knowledge of the theoretical basis of the discussed phenomenon. What is more, a broad perspective on what will be included in the research chapter should also be presented here. In the empirical part one should skillfully refer to the theoretical findings made, prove the knowledge of the methodological foundations, as well as present and draw conclusions from the obtained results of the researches carried out by him. Bachelor’s theses, as well as master’s and doctoral dissertations, should be provided with an introduction in which the content of the work should be summarized and the meaning of the chosen topic should be clarified, as well as the ending constituting a compilation of the most important conclusions drawn from theoretical considerations and completed research. Thus, it can be stated that writing bachelor’s theses is not at all easier than writing master’s theses. The limitation in the form of a smaller number of pages can be a major problem, because one should demonstrate in this respect the precision, accuracy and the ability to concisely express thoughts closely correlated with the chosen issues.

In order to meet your expectations, we have developed an offer addressed to people graduating from undergraduate studies. Our help in the preparation for writing bachelor’s theses is connected with the following services:

Proposing a topic of work – in case you can not decide which topic of the BA thesis will be the most suitable for you, we can offer you several thematic options. This is a service for which we do not charge any fees. All you need to do is write or call us, and we’ll send you your ideas in one day;

Preparation of a work plan – we help you at every stage of the preparation of the BA thesis. We can construct a table of contents for you, which is the skeleton of your scientific text. This is a pre-paid service. In case of cooperation with us when writing a text, the cost of writing a plan of work is deducted from the first payment for the agreed part of the work;

Constructing the bibliographic list – people whose task is to write a BA thesis, are very often asked at the outset to prepare a bibliography that will become the starting point for a scientific text. As experienced editors, every day searching for substantive information on a given topic, we can quickly and efficiently create for you a list of items necessary for writing a bachelor dissertation. On this basis, you can start work on the text or read the publications that will help us to develop a selected topic for you. The construction of the bibliographic list is a free service in the event of cooperation with us consisting in commissioning us to write a study of the BA thesis;

Writing individual parts of the scientific text, which you consider to be the most problematic – we offer not only the possibility of ordering the entire scientific study, but also the option to order a specific fragment / chapter of the dissertation;

Preparation of the methodological part – at your request we can write a methodological chapter for the BA thesis, in which we will define the research objective and subject, define problems and research hypotheses, describe the research methods and tools, and indicate the area of ​​research and research group involved in research activities;

Conducting research – the implementation of scientific research is in the area of ​​our services. We can carry them out using the chosen method and research technique, as well as specific research tools;

Conducting research and analyzing their results – at your request, we conduct scientific research and discuss their results, diagnosing the nature of the phenomenon in question, answering research questions and verifying formulated hypotheses;

Writing a comprehensive scientific study constituting the basis for writing a doctoral thesis – the fundamental service provided by our company is writing scientific studies. These are texts grouped into chapters and sub-chapters, opened with a table of contents and closed with a list of used literature as well as lists of charts, tables and figures. Studies, which have the character of scientific expertise, are collections of paraphrases and quotes, which are marked with footnotes.

How much does it cost to help with writing a BA thesis?

The price of writing a BA thesis is determined by factors such as the chosen subject matter, bibliographic accessibility, research character and the number of pages ordered. Usually, we offer customers a standard rate for one page of the study. In some cases, the rate is determined individually, depending on the formal requirements presented. 

Why should I choose Inter Writing to help me write my BA thesis?

Writing bachelor’s thesis is a challenge that can cause as much problem as writing master’s theses. It involves the necessity of choosing the right topic, constructing a work plan, collecting bibliographic materials, and above all, creating a cohesive and correct stylistic and substantive scientific text, with footnotes. If you can not cope with any of the indicated activities, just report to us! Our editors have been preparing bachelor’s work patterns for many years, delving into various topics, learning the specifics of a given issue and carrying out research related to specific scientific problems. Having a great practice in finding the right information on a specific topic and having the ability to quickly write, Inter Wranie specialists are able to meet very short deadlines. At the same time, they maintain high content-related, stylistic and formal quality of created texts that meet the guidelines of the most demanding clients. If for any reason you are not able to meet the challenge of writing a BA thesis, we invite you to cooperation that will surely be your success!